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Advantages and Disadvantages Original office supplies and Compatible office supplies

Jan 04, 2018

Original copier supplies advantages and disadvantages

The stability of the original supplies will be relatively strong, no adverse effect on the copier used, can extend the life of the copier.The disadvantage is the higher purchase cost of original supplies, compared with compatible supplies cost is 2 to 5 times.

Compatible copier supplies advantages and disadvantages

The biggest advantage of compatible consumables is in the purchase price, quite cheap.The disadvantage is to fill the powder way. Filling powder will squeeze the life of the print cartridge and copier.Powder filling machine sometimes appear powder leakage problems, leakage problems ranging from light print quality, even will Seriously cause damage to the internal hardware of the copier. Copier leakage can also pollute the indoor environment, let the tiny particles of carbon floating in the air, the human body absorbs a long time harm to the body, a serious cause of cancer.

We can know from the above that the main reason for copier leasing business compatibility with supplies is still related to the price, but the use of compatible supplies will also cause damage to copiers, maintenance costs will be higher, For businesses that are still using compatible supplies, the cost of using compatible supplies later in the copier will be higher, so do not overspend.