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Disassemble the Opc Drum can not under the light?

Dec 28, 2017

Toner cartridge is the printer supplies.Many people think that as long as the cartridge can not be removed when they see a little bit of light,.In fact, this is the wrong way to understand, as long as not under a very strong light can be removed Now, like strong sunlight, strong light and other places.

The basic structure of the basic drum cartridge made of aluminum, the basic substrate, and the substrate coated with photosensitive material. According to the different photosensitive materials, can basically be divided into three kinds: OPC drum (organic photoconductive material), Se Selenium (Se-selenium) and ceramic drum (a-Si ceramic). Its featured components work more perfectly together to ensure consistent and reliable performance. Reliable performance with easy-to-use, affordable, easy printing. Easy to install and maintain. Ultra-fine toner ensures ultra-clear black text and graphics.

Opc drum removal is not carried out under intense light, because Drum core surface is a layer of non-toxic organic compounds with photosensitive properties, under the strong light irradiation drum core surface photosensitive properties of aging, the surface potential drop, Residual voltage increases, affecting the imaging cartridge, it will lead to light fatigue, insensitive. Print out things will be fades, that is, when you add flour, do not under the light can be, such as the sun, light and so on under the operation!

The toner cartridge is applied to the photoelectric imaging mode printers, copiers and other products above, by the photoconductor unit, the development unit, toner storage unit combination of the formation of imaging components, and more specifically, its Constitute a powder warehouse, waste toner warehouse, photosensitive drum, developing roller, charging roller and some other supporting components, etc., which is the toner container is filled with toner. In essence, the user uses laser printing is actually the adhesion of the toner on the paper, the print quality depends largely on the quality of the toner, the toner is equivalent to beer, and the bunker is equivalent to a beer bottle. However, the toner cartridge is not limited to the role of the container. As an integral component, it also carries other functions of transporting the toner as required and developing it, and therefore, there are also these complementary functional components. Therefore, the old cartridge not only includes the old container, but also includes the use of one or a few cycles of the features, which also decided that the old cartridge processing than the old beer bottle processing more complicated.