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Effectively eliminate or reduce the harm of toner to the human body and the environment

Sep 13, 2017

The main component of the toner is not carbon, and most of it is made of resin and adhesive.

Toner is melted into the paper fiber at high temperature, the resin is oxidized into a gas with a stimulating odor, which is what we call 'ozone'. This kind of gas has only one advantage, is to protect the earth, reduce the harm of solar radiation. On the human body itself is no good, will cause irritation to the human mucosa, easy to improve the incidence of asthma or nose allergies, and even dizziness, vomiting and so on.

And some substitute powder, mostly using carbon black as raw materials, containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and dimethyl nitramine and other substances, which were three or four carcinogenic substances. These substances play out in the fixed heating, through the breathing will be directly absorbed by the body, endanger the health of the operator.

Main use: At present, mainly used for laser printers and copiers inside the added supplies,

First, the laser printer with magnetic toner (toner) of the main components:

F-Fe3O4 crystal powder (PLGMENT): 20-30%

Polyacrylate-styrene copolymer: 50-60%

Charge regulator CCA: 10-20%

Fluidizer SiO2 and so on

Surface Modifier Polyethylene / Polypropylene Paraffin

Second, the non-toxic toner control

Toner of various raw materials if the standard manufacturing in the sealed use of the state can be non-toxic. According to AMES-test, the current market, a variety of bottled loose powder due to production technology and other conditions are difficult to achieve non-toxic requirements.

Third, the general toner on the market is toxic

Many bulk or bottled carbon on the market (origin, site unknown) due to its plant equipment, technology, raw materials, environmental and other factors, particles from 1? 10? / SPAN> range, size deviation. Polyacrylic acid - styrene copolymer polymerization degree, that is, molecular weight and distribution is critical, too large can not fix (resulting in false blackness), too small is a small molecule of toxic styrene gas escape, the human body for a long time in the Close to the use of such toner printer environment, will cause harm to the human body, the probability of cancer than normal will be 4% higher, and will pollute the OPC drum and MR magnet roller, resulting in poor print cartridge.

Toner is divided into magnetic toner and non-magnetic toner, and each machine model used in the toner composition ratio is different. Many bottled toner or bulk toner are no distinction, only a mixture of magnetic toner, with the wrong toner or with poor quality toner when not only harmful to the human body and the environment, and will damage the printer and affect the printer life.

Fourth, fill the potential harm to human health

Cartridges in the absence of strict environmental protection in the case of filling powder, which small particles (the naked eye can not see) will fly in the air, the human body after exposure to inhalation, the probability of cancer than normal will be about 10% higher, The surface modifier polyethylene / polypropylene paraffin is inhaled into the body, the small molecules will be absorbed into the blood circulation system, and ultimately the vegetation in the kidney, very easy to be discharged (because the toner insoluble and water), thus Induced kidney stones and other symptoms of the risk of 3 times higher than normal

Fifth, the general hazards of toner on the environment

In the filling of toner at the same time the waste toner per gram can pollute 0.8 cubic meters of land. Original manufacturers or Mitsubishi, Bachuan and other manufacturers can control the waste powder within 5%, while the market common bottled powder waste powder are about 10%. Environmental toner cartridges in its standard manufacturing waste powder will be used as a reproduction of raw materials manufacturing low-end copier with toner, thereby eliminating the harm to the environment.

6, the hazards of toner in the actual work of the control measures recommended in order to effectively eliminate or reduce the harm to the human body and the environment, but also save the cost of printing, experts do the following recommendations:

1) try to use the regular company or brand of environmental toner cartridges;

2) When you are unsure whether the filled toner is non-toxic, keep the printer away from the body and place it with ventilation, such as the use of a copier;

3) try not to fill in the workplace toner, if necessary, should be in the factory under the strict environmental protection to do the filling process, and fill the qualified, standard toner;

4) If you can not fill in the case of environmental protection, as far as possible in the wild filled with the wind, and the waste of waste powder and the material with carbon powder burning.