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Good lubrication and reduced wear loss

Sep 13, 2017

Usually made of seamless steel pipe, but also depending on the need for different technologies such as aluminum alloy 6061T5, 304L / 316L stainless steel, 2205 duplex stainless steel, cast steel, solid forging alloy steel core for the material.

The production of the roller is mainly composed of roller body, primary school static balance, shaft head interference welding, fine car and fine school balance and other processes. If the shape and position tolerance such as roundness, cylindrical degree and straightness requirements below 0.2mm, then in the car after the need for cylindrical grinding machine or roller grinding machine grinding. The surface hardness requirements, you need to increase the heat treatment process.

After the roll molding, for rust-proof corrosion, wear and support needs, but also the need for surface treatment or coating such as painting, galvanizing, TEFLON spray, rubber package, chrome, ceramic spraying and oxidation processes.

According to the size of the classification, there are large, such as papermaking machinery roller (length can reach 10 meters above the diameter of 1500mm or more), there are small, such as automatic assembly line conveyor belt with the flat roller (usually within 1 meter , The diameter is also within 159mm)

According to the role of points, there is to ensure the accuracy of transmission, such as digital laser printer on the roller, from the role of pressure filtration, such as papermaking machinery on the calendering roller, the size of the requirements of the support roller is not high, The requirements of the rollers, but also play a heavy press filter roller, etc., not enumerated.

1. Clean the oil and dirt on the machined surface of the housing assembly.

2. Place the bearing housing on a platform and check the basic dimensions according to the drawing.

3. Check the vertical and horizontal centerline of the housing position on the upper surface of the rack again and confirm it.

4. Place the bearing seat in the workshop.

5. Check the bearing seat, check the vertical and horizontal center line, elevation and confirm correct.

Roller, also known as roller, English translation: roll, roller. For cylindrical parts, sub-driven and driven rollers. Widely used in such as rotary screen printing machine, digital printers, mining equipment, paper and packaging machinery and other transmission systems.

To extend the life of the drum, you must do a good job of roller maintenance work.

1. Regularly clean the drum stains and other foreign matter.

2. Regularly check the drum shell and the end of the weld is firmly.

3. Lubrication is good, reduce the loss of wear and tear.

4. To avoid overload operation, extend the drum life.