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Inkjet Printer can not recongnize the ink cartridge

Dec 21, 2017

Many people all for the inkjet printer installed even for the system in order to save costs.However, when connecting to a system, you often encounter the problem that the inkjet printer does not recognize the ink cartridge. After a period of using the printer, it stops printing and does not recognize the black ink cartridge. How to solve this problem?

This happens mainly because the printer is full of waste ink. In fact, each inkjet printer has a fixed accessory life setting. When some accessories have reached the end of their useful life, the printer prompts you to not print. As the continuous ink supply system will easily form waste ink during use, it is easy to lead to waste ink tank full.

This situation can be done in two ways, the specific solution is as follows:

1,reset the printer motherboard reset with zero software, in order to eliminate the printer settings;

2,or you can go to the repair store to replace the sponge in the waste ink warehouse. I suggest that users use the latter. Because only a simple reset easily will lead to waste ink burned printer.