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Keep the heat roller in a specific temperature range

Sep 13, 2017

The fixing roller is a main component of a copier and a fuser in a laser printer, and its main purpose is to fix the developed image on the copying medium. Since the toner image transferred to the copy paper by the transfer and separation process is not integrated with the copy paper, the toner image is easily wiped off and must be cured by the fixing device to form The final copy. During the operation of the copier, the temperature of the fixing roller has a great influence on the effect of the drawing. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the temperature range of the fixing roller with the temperature sensor.

Specifically, the fixing roller in the copying machine is usually composed of a heat roller and a pressure roller, wherein the inside of the heat roller has a warmer, and when the temperature of the heat roller rises to a certain extent, the rotation is started and the heater remains stationary The heat roller is uniformly heated. At the same time, a pressure roller wrapped with a rubber layer rotates with the frictional force between the heat roller.

When the copy paper enters between the heat roller and the pressure roller, the toner image particles on the copy paper melt by the heat transferred from the heat roller, and the pressure roller fixes the image by the pressure between the heat roller and the heat roller Above the paper. But to ensure that the effect of fixing must be controlled, the temperature range of the hot roller. The temperature is too low, the impact of toner particles melt; too high will make the image ghost phenomenon. Therefore, the temperature of the fixing roller is usually detected by a temperature sensor, and when the temperature is lower than the preset temperature lower limit, the heater is turned on by the control board; when the temperature is higher than the upper limit of the preset temperature, Thereby keeping the heat roller in a specific temperature range。