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The Different between Original Toner and Counterfeit / Substitute Toner

Jan 06, 2018

Original toner and counterfeit / substitute toner in the processing quality and product composition, there is a big difference, resulting in a great performance on the very different.

Triboelectric charging performance

Genuine toner: meet the design requirements, there is a good friction charging performance. In the development process can be properly absorbed in the surface of the photosensitive drum electrostatic latent image, which also has a higher transfer rate.

Counterfeit / substitute toner: Charges may be too small or too large. Toner is too small, the binding force with the carrier is small, will be photosensitive drum non-image area of the residual potential to attract the bottom of the copy caused by dust, while easy to pollute the machine; Charge is too large, the transfer process is difficult to break away The carrier, resulting in underexposure, fades the image.

Particle size / uniformity

Genuine toner: in different models have different requirements of toner particle size, and high uniformity of genuine toner, the use of genuine toner image of a clear, strong sense of hierarchy.

Counterfeit / alternative toner: the particle size is too small, the toner in the transfer process easy to leave the carrier and the bottom ash; particle size is too large, the toner can only be adsorbed on the surface of the photosensitive drum where the highest potential to make the image blurred.

Toner flow performance

Genuine toner: toner flow light water, and the carrier closely, the overall concentration of printed materials.

Counterfeit / alternative Toner: Toner poor mobility, will form a contaminated film on the carrier surface and prevent its frictional charge, thus affecting the life of the carrier, and even cause the toner agglomeration itself.

Transfer performance

Authentic toner: Toner in the auxiliary additive composition and ratio After designers spend a lot of energy, for a long time the test proceeds, with good transfer performance, which will reduce the consumption of powder and easy to clean and maintain.

Counterfeit / substitute Toner: Counterfeit substitute powder manufacturers are mostly hand workshops, R & D strength simply can not compare with genuine toner manufacturers. Toner composition and proportion of many models are often the same, and even mixed with a certain amount of waste toner, so that even if some cartridges heavier weight than the original, but its large consumption of powder, poor transfer. Count down or reach the original amount of supplies printing.

Hot melt performance

Genuine Toner: Resin is an important additive in toner. In genuine toner, the proportion of resin is moderate, so it has good insulation properties and suitable softening temperature value, and the effect of final fixing image is good.

Counterfeit / alternative toner: Resin ratio is not accurate, resulting in the design of the machine and the fixing temperature deviates a lot. Melting point is too high, not easy to fix, consume more powder; melting point is too low, easy to agglomerate in high temperature season, is not conducive to transport and storage.