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A Photoelectric Conversion Device Formed On The Surface Of Conductive Aluminum Cylinder

Sep 13, 2017

OPC is the abbreviation of Organic light conductor (Organic photoconductor). OPC drum is the use of OPC material coated on the conductive aluminum cylinder surface and form a photoelectric conversion device, its characteristic is in the dark place is the insulator, can maintain certain static charge, when a certain wavelength of illumination shoots, becomes the conductor, through the aluminum base release charge, forms the electrostatic latent image, it is the laser printing, the digital copy core component. Do not touch the surface of the OPC drum with the hand, do not use chemical reagents (such as alcohol) to wipe the OPC drum surface, also do not use hard object collision OPC drum surface.

Drum core, that is, OPC is the abbreviation of Organic light conductor (Organic Photoconductor), also known as the photosensitive drum; OPC drum is a photoelectric conversion device which is coated on the surface of conductive aluminum tube by OPC material, which is characterized in the dark as an insulator, which can maintain a certain static charge, When the illumination of a certain wavelength is turned into a conductor, the charge is released by the aluminum base, and the electrostatic potential is formed, which is the core component of the exciting machine.

Basic structure and imaging principle of laser printer. From the working principle of imaging, laser Printer imaging is the first to transfer the computer's printed signal into a pulse signal, and then transmitted to the laser. At this point the laser printer's charging stick has been completed on the drum core surface evenly charged, laser to offset the drum core image parts of the charge, so that in the drum core to form our invisible electrostatic image, the magnetic roller on the toner through electrostatic absorption to the drum core, at this time will appear to be able to use the naked eye on the drum core to observe the image. After transfer through the transfer roller, because the transfer roller on the voltage is higher than the drum core voltage, so that the toner on the core is pulled on the paper, this time the paper has formed the text we want to print, but the toner is floating on paper, with the hand can be gently wiped, so to pass the fixing, That is, heating and pressurizing to make the toner melt into the paper fiber, the final imaging process is also realized. The charge roller is contact with the drum heart, but is not the root of the suction powder. Play the role of charging the drum heart.