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How To Remove And Install The Integrated Toner Cartridge

Nov 25, 2017

How to remove and install the integrated toner cartridge? In fact, this is a technical work and needs to pay attention to many details. Therefore, great care needs to be taken to ensure the smooth disassembly and installation without damaging the machine and getting dirty clothes. Then one-piece cartridge disassembly process which need to pay attention to what factors?


First, the toner cartridge disassembly process in the magnetic roller:


Magnetic roller black coating is the most easily scratched, magnetic roller is composed of aluminum sleeve and core. Due to the action of the magnetic core, some small metal parts can be easily adsorbed to the surface of the magnetic roller. During the relative movement, the magnetic coating is scratched. During the folding process, the magnet roller is also easily adsorbed to the surrounding metal parts, resulting in unexpected coating damage. The lack of a black coating can result in a lack of text or graphics on the print. So disassembly, the magnetic roller to take a firm, can not be placed with the clock, should be placed away from other metal parts, to avoid bumps.


Second, toner cartridge disassembly process photosensitive drum:


Drum surface coating is easily bruised, scratched, and vulnerable to light damage. Improper handling is likely to make a good drum in an instant with its normal service life, so in the process of folding, not only to avoid direct sunlight, but also to avoid long-term exposure to fluorescent lamps, except yellow light Damage to the drum. Do not allow hard objects to collide with the surface of the drum. Do not touch the print area of the drum directly with your hands to avoid perspiration and oil stains, resulting in poor prints.


Third, the toner cartridge disassembly process of the trial turn:


When the toner cartridge is used in the machine, the drum, charging roller, and magnet roller are rotated. After these parts are assembled, drive the gear to check whether it can be flexibly rotated. When the toner cartridge is loaded, press the drum gear again to push the drum gear in the normal direction of rotation to ensure that the toner cartridge can be flexibly rotated before the toner cartridge can fall into position, as this may damage the machine.


Four, toner cartridge disassembly process positioning problem:


Each part has its own fixed position, by spring or screw positioning, and the two parts of the powder warehouse and waste toner warehouse by plastic clips, screws or connecting shaft positioning. Assembly parts must be installed in place, so that the toner can fall normally.