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The Paper Catalogue Is Still The First Choice For Office Purchase

Jan 27, 2018

Althought the argument for the demise of the traditional paper products is rampant,they are still booming in the office products industry.

The advent of e-commerce was once considered a heralding of the disappearance of printed marketing materials,but surveys show that they remain an important tool for stationery buyers.According to the survery,more than 55% of respondents still use the catalog as a starting point,either online or by phone.

Equally surprising is the fact that Internet search engines are the same(32%)as those who browse through product manuals when looking for the latest product.It is learned that the continued production and improvement of the catalog dealer will be more competitive in the market.Research also shows that it is still important to develop a robust online shopping platform,with about 33% buyers completing the entire procurement process online.

In addition to the office industry,the research mentions companies such as IKEA and Argos,and printed materials remain an integral part of their company's market strategy.Despite its focus on digital development,Argos will still print more than 20 million catalogs a year.This is out of consumer demand for traditional retail elements.

However,a change in consumer behavior inthe study shows the importance of promotions and discounts.70% of respondents saids e-mail was their source of major current informnation on discounts and deals.