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The Price Of Recycled Paper Has Rose Again

Dec 20, 2017

Recently, the price of domestic recycled paper rose again after the mid-October experienced a "cliff-like" decline.

It is learned that in the first half of 2017, the price of recycled paper once reached 3,300 yuan / ton. Pan Yonggang, vice president and secretary general of China Renewable Resource Recycling Association, analyzed the phenomenon that the price of recycled paper has skyrocketed and plummeted. According to external factors, the adjustment and strict management of the import policy of recycled paper meant that the dependence on foreign waste paper was reduced; The increasingly stringent domestic environmental protection policies have raised the threshold of practitioners in the waste paper industry.

Wu Tao, president of China Recycling Association Waste Paper Branch, said the market is in high demand for domestic waste paper. At present, the price of Class A paperboard has exceeded 3,000 yuan / ton, followed by 3 months of import waste Paper empty window period,.The domestic waste paper prices will continue to rise in the short term.

It is understood that China is the world's largest paper producer and also the largest importer of waste paper in the world. Wastepaper recycling for the entire country's renewable resources industry has laid an important industrial base.

Insiders suggested that urgently need to introduce waste paper recycling industry state-level waste paper processing industry standard conditions. Tang Yanju, secretary-general of China Waste Recycling Association Waste Paper Branch, believes that after the promulgation of the standard of waste paper processing industry, it will vigorously promote the standardization and integration of waste paper processing industry and realize the green development and environmental protection development of waste paper recycling industry. It has an important guiding sinificance to process industry norms and the development of paper industry.

 *Reprinted from CNR Finance