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To Achieve High Efficiency And Cost-effective

Sep 13, 2017

Image transfer belt cleaning mechanism

Some image transfer belt cleaning is through the static electricity will be sent to the photosensitive drum on the drum to complete, in the color laser printer, the use of

Image transfer belt cleaning blade cleaning image transfer belt is also a large number. The following describes this method.

1. Transfer belt cleaning blade. The cleaning blade removes all the residual toner from the image transfer belt surface.

2. Transfer belt cleaning blade retraction. The rotation of the cam on the printer side causes the image transfer belt cleaning blade to come into contact with the image transfer belt

The cam is rotated as the cleaner electromagnetic clutch is energized or de-energized. When the cam rotates to the protruding position, clean the scraping

The film is brought into contact with the image transfer belt, scraping all the residual toner on the surface of the transfer belt, and cleaning the transfer belt. When the cam is associated with the sensor

When the mask is rotated to block the transfer belt cleaning position sensor, the image transfer belt cleaning blade is detected at its retracted position

The cleaning blade is separated from the image transfer belt, and the next print starts.

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